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Sustainable aviation Fuels (SAF) – Research Paper

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With the adoption of the ReFuelEU regulation, a clear trajectory has been set up in Europe for the incorporation of SAF in aviation fuels with a target of 70% of SAF in 2050, including 35% in the form of synthetic fuels of non-biological origin.
Reaching these targets and achieving further developments in aircraft design and traffic management will make it possible for the aviation sector to no longer rely on fossil fuels.

The priority is now to define an industrial strategy for the de­velopment of a SAF production capacity that could cover the needs of the EU aviation sector and make it possible to reach the ReFuelEU objectives, without relying excessively on imports. In addition, ensuring that this new European SAF industry remains price-competitive will be key in order to maintain a level playing field between EU and non-EU actors.

In this perspective, EdEn has carried out an assessment, based on several scenarios, of the bio­mass and energy needs required for the implementation of the ReFuelEU regulation.

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